Sun rays and dew (new poem)


Salamz ya’ll,
You know Waqas Ali? well he has this amazing song in Danish called “Daggry” or sunrise, which btw I DO UNDERSTAND.
Anyway, as Danish inspires me and after I got the lyrics of the song, today I wrote my own version of the song but in a form of a poem. My humble poem and Waqas’s awesome lyrics are not quite the same.
But still,his music and the lyrics did its thing with my brain…and here’s the outcome

It’s the dew
Totally new
I washed the sorrow of yesterday
by fresh water on my face
racing the sun before it’s raised
I prayed, I inhaled
I raised my hands to the sky
I praised Him, I exhaled
And by then
All what was left of yesterday
Is the lesson that I’ve learnt

It’s the sun rays
After the rains
I drove out the sorrows of yesterday
By contemplate
By appreciate
having a roof above my head
my family and friends
the beauty I can see, the music I can sense
I took a deep breath
And by then
All what’s left of yesterday
Is the lesson I’ve learnt

Sun rays wipe the dew
Everything in life is good
Look forward
You see, the way home is long
But if you walk it gets short
You see, the chains are tight
But with your strive, freedom will be yours

Check the original track by Waqas Ali Qadri (from Outlandish, too)


3 responses »

  1. Having awakened from my deep sleep, memories of moments past,dreams cherished for yet another day.
    Feeling the warmth from the sun’s ray placing a treasured smile for yet this wonderful new day.

    Glancing out my window panes,visions begin to materialize,they are visions of peace and prosperity for yourselves in Gaza.
    Visions and prayers for this new day.

    As i embrace my day,thoughts echo for your happiness and your goals to succeed much better today than that of yesterday.

    Today, your life is like that of the rays from the sun, embracing for yet a better tomorrow.

    May the rays from the sun; today deliver your cherished moments like no other day from your past.
    And,may tomorrow deliver your happiness for each day yet to follow.
    Yes, everything in life is good, and your presence makes today much better than yesterday.
    Hope you enjoyed my thoughts.
    My thoughts for your better day yet to follow.

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