It’s just a false explosion!


Salamz all,

Today, me and my friends were at the university hanging around waiting for our lectures. Unexpectedly, a huge explosion was heard all over!! As we had been through a war, 99% of our fears were because of these huge sounds. ALL and I mean ALL of the girls at the compound jumped off their skins, I did, myself.
After hearing the news, they said it was only a matter of “sound impact”, nothing dangerous!!
So we stayed. Eventually we have lectures to attend and they are not going to stop because of A FALSE EXPLOSION! Not the 1st time to happen nor the last! We continued our lectures very normally ,though we used this incident to leave the class early 😀
This is our lives…and explosions and bombings will always be part of it. So, unless there were causalities, it’s just a false sound!


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  1. Allah i3eenkom, seems like after the physical destruction of Gaza didn’t succeed to achieve Israel’s goal they are trying to cause mental destruction to the people by such actions :S

  2. Allah ye7meekum ya rab.
    It kills me to know that instead of hearing the Adhan echo in your ears it has to be bombs,subhanAllah.

    You are always in my Du’a inshaAllah

  3. … That just sucks :(…

    Elhamdolelah ya lina… koloh besawaboh isa, no one will ever go unrewarded! we should be envying you for getting soo much ma3’fera and 7asanat 😛 😀 isa

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