Second like a year- A song for my fam and friends from Outside GAZA :)



Last Friday, I went out with my fam to Al Deera to have some pure sun rays, since the weather has been cloudy the past days and I’d exams. So, there, I did my fav thing cellphone and headphones and some Danish Isam B. Mr.Isam has a song that I deeply love, even though I don’t understand. It’s called “Ar some mand” it talks about Isams friend who lost his young daughter. Anyhow, the idea for me was about my fam and friends who were worried about us during the war.I’m sure they were worried about us and wished if they could do something for us. I wrote the 1st draft on tissues, because I didn’t have paper and of course didn’t want the sudden inspiration to go.Bottom line,This song does something on me. I’m sure the Danish lyrics are SUPERIOR to mine. Here’s the outcome though…

I told you
I knew how did it feel
to live and death is everything you see
Yet, I was not with you, dear
I wish I could cross all the miles
to set you at ease…

Every second
it’s like a year
passes so slowly
and I feel so worried
that one moment you can be here
and the seconde you won’t be

and It’s breaking me
It IS breaking me
and you don’t know how
I feel exactly
I’m not with you
and anytime you might go
And I can’t stand the thought
of not seeing you for good
I wish I was with you
I wish I was with you

I saw you bleeding
I knew it was you
but it was all on screen
there was nothing I could do

that second passed like year
and helpness was all I could feel
I’m sure I was afraid, more than ur fear
but it’s something you didn’t see
Couldn’t reach…

When they killed you
I wasn’t there to protect you
I wish it was me
So you see me through
But it happened
and you left me

and you didn’t know
how I felt
I’m so sorry…

The tissues which I used to write down my song :D

You can download the amazing song here:


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  1. Salam to Palestine, i realy admire ure standing up through this war, i’ve never seen such brave people like u,…,May Allah bless u and protect u and ure family…
    Peace=Free Palestine

  2. To all the Palestinians out there:
    Don’t give up
    We’re all behind u
    Don’t loose faith in God
    bcus u’re all gonna meet in Paradise Inshallah
    *-*-* Salam from Algeria*-*-*

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