Living in Gaza for dummies



I’ve found a note ; I wrote it in August 2008. I thought, I should share my experience of living in Gaza since 1995.

Personal views for those who can’t deal with living in Gaza.

1-Have faith. Whatever happens you should have a strong believe that this is my destiny and living in Gaza is a bless. Because you’ll be rewarded in the next life for your patience and as we know earthy life sucks.

2-Compare yourself to others. I do that all the time. In the time I’m having a loving family and a comfortable house and many other things Alhamdolilah. Other people maybe living next door don’t have anything. So before you even utter “I hate my life” think about these people who don’t have anything.I’m sure you’ll shut up and say “Alhamdolilah”

3-Get used to “it”. Bombings, F16 above you head and air strikes…etc . The only thing that’s scary about these actions is the people who get hurt. Anything else is just a live action. So much like a live Rambo movie or james Bond. And that’s soo cool.

4-Open you mind. You should open up to the world, know something about everything. And have friends from all over the globe. Defend your country by you mind, education and strength.

5-Don’t have high expectations, yet, you should never give up. You should have ambitions, plans and dreams. Maybe you’ll be able to achieve just 1% of them. The thing is don’t miss the fun in trying to make them real.

6-In bad days, listen to and sing along with “given up” by LP. It will help to release all the stress and the voice you have.

These are personal views I came to realize them by experience. Some may agree others disagree.


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  1. I agree with u 100%, It’s realy beautifull what u’re doing…ure brave and strenght realy touchs me and ispires a lot of people..infact, even that u’re younger than me, u’re one of my idols “u have such beautifull heart”
    May allah bless u..Peace 🙂

  2. Since discovering your blog today, I’ve been reading and listening to your words (and downloading such wonderful new music! =) .) But this post, possibly even more so than the others, showcases what a brave, beautiful person you are. I feel very blessed to have found your blog today (Alhamdolilah) and look forward to learning more from your insights.

    • Thank you so much!! You words mean so much! and they do give me a push to keep posting.
      May I ask you, where are you from?

  3. Lina… I think you yourself should hang this note by the fridge and read it every once in a while… just to keep you going 🙂 …. oh! and i’d like to add one point….

    try to have fun every once in a while! sure the atmosphere sucks! but still! even if it was fake fun! just find something to make you feel good for a while! like u do sometimes with reading or watching lost aw keda , but i mean all the time! like specially the times you feel more stressed than usual… bas keda 😀 cause no one can survive the constant pressure without the usual mind medicine 🙂

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