Blogging..again for Gaza :)


Salamz all,

I’ve not written anything new since almost a year and a half. Yet I don’t have reasons why I have stopped.

The war which is waged on Gaza changed me. Now I know how much I love Gaza, though, I did say things I didn’t mean. But can you blame me?!After the war finished, I found myself active ; I mean I record videos try to publish them. bunch of real good friends in UK encouraged me to speak out.And here is the outcome 😀

Report about the minor damages of the war in my house

Questions and answers:
Part 1
Part 2

Looking forward to hearing your comments!
For more videos check out:
JusticeforPhilistine JP4


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  1. yay linz im so glad that ur back to blogging.. gr8 vids thats my linzzzzzzzzzzzz
    keep it up girlfriend and never stop iight xxxx

  2. Awww mashaAllah
    Those videos were great and so true to the heart,
    really you did a great job at expressing and helping us (all the ppl outside of Gaza) to better understand what it must have been like being there…
    Thank you hon
    Stay blessed and btw your voice and accent is totally cute lol

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