I’m Iraqi today


Salamz folks,
Well I’ve not finished exams yet, but this post is a “must”. As I’m Palistinian I feel so connected to Iraq, when I watch the news about Iraq I feel like my heart is going to explode and I pray for them.Today I saw a very beautiful song made by Iraqi youngmen called “Jamilla” or “Beautiful” and so is Iraq beautiful, I dedicate this song to my sencond country Iraq…May Allah bless you!!!large_flag_of_iraq.gif
Happy New Year! 1429…I hope it will be peaceful year to all the brothers and sisters in the whole world….In Sha Allah!


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  1. بيكفي النشيد الوطني العراقي يلي بيخلي أحاسيس كل عربي ترتعش.

    العراق هو فلسطين ثانية

    بس بنظري حل كل المشاكل هو بحل مشكلة فلسطين، ويلي هو بزوال دولة المسوخ الصهيونية.

  2. :)))))))))))))))))))))) i lub u hun aww

    ok people i’m gonna be iraqi too through my whole life 🙂 since i have already a palestinian root 😀

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