Things I like in winter


Salamz all,
Since it’s very cold outside and I’ve no where to go, like I did before :D. Anyways cold weather means to me staying at home more than ever and watching TV.
And since the last time I uttered some words about Hamas any my univerisity, I’ve become ignorant about it. So I would rather to talk things that don’t make my people angry with me 🙂
I’ve said how much I like watching TV in winter, mainly because me, dad and mother gather and watch our daily dose of Lost 4 episodes of substantial suspense and family bounding 😀
So the tv series Lost is one of the things that I really like watching,it’s soooo exciting man season 3 is so complicated…but man it’s just a WOW!
-Winter is my favourite season in the year, I love the rain it’s just so beautiful,but this rain needs some food, and this food is YAMS! yum really goood in winter!
-Good music is really good in all seasons, but I’ve couple of songs that I really enjoy them.
Like Outlandish’s-In good Hands, Isam B danish album and Rim Banna is great.
Some songs I love listening to like Sweetest girl by Wyclef Jean is really good….
Kareem Salama always, but his hit A Land called Paradise is just for rainy days.
Some Coldplay and lil bit of Justin Timberlake instrumentals 😉 .
-Chating on MSN with my friends around the world is really good thing to do.
That is like 4 items of what I like doing in Winter, as exams are starting next month In Sha Allah, I’ll figure out a way to study… :S my least favourite thing to do. :S
So that’s it,I guess  these are some aspects of my winter life 🙂


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  1. hehe you know most ppl here in MI wouldnt say their fav season is winter! but those are some pretty great reasons to like it 🙂 I think you would have to be crazy not to like snuggling with the fam watching TV, or lsning to some good music 🙂

    thanks for helping me look forward to the next 5 months a lil more!

    xxx !

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