This is for the world


Salamz all,

Today, I’m not feeling so good to be hopeful.All I’ have is a site telling about the Embargo that Isreal and The US government is imposing on Gaza.
I’ve never thought i would ever do this but: I HATE ISRAEL N THE US N FATIH n HAMAS ALLLLLLLLLLL burn in HELL!!!!
If u want to know what am I talking about click on this link.
Sorry for my bad language but this is all I’m feeling now!


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  1. hey hunny!!! i just saw ur new post ::s:s:s:s
    the link u put don’t work , (well maybe just for me), so give me the exact link plz
    anyway i can add this DAMN U ISRAEL AND US!!!!

  2. You are the only people in the world, who don’t have a country, You are the only people in the world don’t have a map for your own country in your geography…

    You are the only people in the world no ones care if Israel Bombed you up side down.

    B angry Lina, add your anger to this Blog, let the people knew that you had enough.

    Let them you have dreams, and you have inner hate for those who deny your right to exist as a human.

    you have the right to be angry…so be it.

    مشاعرالغاضبة لن يدركها أحد سوى اخوتك العرب…
    دعيهم يسمعون صوت لينا من غزة…
    دعيهم يعرفون أن هناك لينا من غزة…
    أخوتك وأنا منهم نستحق قراءة مشاعرك بالعربية أكثر من أي انسان آخر لا يجيد لفظ الضاد…

    My english blog has been officially opened:

  3. well Alloush the problem with me writting arabic is that i suppose that my arab sister n brothers already know the misery that’s going on in Gaza, so don’t u think we should to tell the people who don’t know about it….instead
    🙂 thanks for ur comment…

  4. Do u really think that the world don’t know what is happening, do u really think that europians don’t know who is the killer and who is the victim…

    Arab world are in a such need to communication.
    Really !! Arab worlds knew about Gaza ?
    No, i’m not talking about knowing, I’m talking about communication…

    This is the 1st time we are able to connect our ideas.

    The world will never and ever respect u or me, until u and me unite (at least our ideas), and i think our Arabic world is in real need for communication , cause until now there is no, Ideas union 😉

  5. The link isnt working for me either linz and sadly, Im lacking in my knowledge about whats going on there.
    I can contribute this: Like Alloush said, anger is good sometimes; Anger brings attention and awareness which leads to knowledge, inshallah. So of course let it out in a healthy way! But you know there will always be people in this world to bring you down So stay strong and dont let it get to you Linz. If it makes you feel any better, I think we all hate Zionists and the US government!! I pray things will change soon.

    On the issue of communication, I think this is a global problem. not to say the arab world couldnt use some uniting but honestly this is an issue concerning all of humanity. We should all try harder to reach out to others and learn more about them.

    xxx !!

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