Out of pride


Salamz all,

How are you? yesterday before I went to bed, I remembered an old poem. I wrote it before maybe a year or more, it was about what people go through in imprisonment, the one who go to jail because they resist or fight for its rights and land.No matter how much I try to imagine the situation they go through, I won’t be able to describe it, whether it is here in Palestine or in Iraq, Guantanamo.
anyways,I had imagined it when I was younger, now and I’m older I guess my feelings would be more organized or better yet said in a better way, so guys please read it and tell me what do you think about my poem,here we go:

  Taken from my house
in the middle of the night
thrown behind bars
hands still tied and eyes r covered so tight
blood was running slowly in my veins
I was in pain, I was afraid
I was in denial, but everything was so real
I fought for a breath
Screamed out of torment
but the weird thing
it never came across my mind
to utter any word could give them a right was mine
any word changes the name of Palestine

After a long session of torture
defeated them this time
by goin’ out of that room with opening one of my eyes
I got the chance to see what others had been going through
It  almost can not be true
but all I can say
it’s just another Abu Ghrib
I wanted to shout
but who would listen to you from the underground
politicians only care about themselves?
or people going after their living?
I kept to myself…and called the Almighty
to have mercy on them…

The day I got out, I was held on the shoulders
going to my grave or where I can rest
they wrote in my report I died of  torment
but everybody knew i died out of pride
because it never it had never come across my mind
to utter any word could give them a right was mine
any word changes the name of Palestine



4 responses »

  1. Dear Sis,

    I would like to congratulate you for such a wonderful website and a magnificent talent
    May ALLAH bless you.

  2. Lina you are truly growing as an artist. I think this is some of your best work yet. The repetition of the last lines is just brilliant! but the best quality of your work is how much heart you put into each piece. we can all feel it, see it, and now know it. You know this poem has helped me better understand your struggle and OL/samis song try not to cry. so thank you for sharing and enlightening us all 🙂

    God bless U ❤

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