I’m…..19 :D


Salamz all,
Yeps yesterday was my 19th birthday,and Alhamdolilah I’d a nice normal day.Started when I’d an exam…and it went well and ended by studying for day’s exam History also went well Alhamdolilah 😉
Well I had online and offline birthday..starting with my OffLine bday:
1-I woke up at 3:30 am to study for my exam.
2-well I had to tell my family before a week and then remind them before a day “it’s my birthday”,then when my parents woke up I was like TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!
and I told my dad:’what are you going to give me?”
My dad has this answer :”What do you want?” well I don’t want anything :S !
and then I asked my mum the same question she said :’Do you want to cake?”
I said :”no,pizza.”My brother Sharif is broke so this year he didn’t give me anything,but I took his textbook and pen and leads so…that was the gift that I TOOK from him LOL.
My Birthday Pizza11112007616.jpgMy aunt gave me 15o shikils,I’m saving them to buy original copy of BREAD N BARRELS of WATEEEER,Outlandish’s seconde album,my cousin is going to Germany In sha Allah! YAS!
My 2 of my friends totally forgot my birthday,except my new friend,she sent me a nice sms on 6 am,I was up studying so I said that’s a good start,also another friend remembered and sent me a long and nice sms,that’s it .when it comes to my offline life.Nothing so spacial except the pizza 😀
My Online Birthday:
Alhamdolilah,I had a very spacial day online.
The very 1st comment was by Ali on facebook,I guess it was 5:50 am or sth,then Ahmed elmoro4life.My friends Selina,Soha,Sam,Mona and a lot of girls in the moro community have done me a group on Facebook called “Lina Appreciation Society”.I really liked it and it was a goood feeling…that many girls said about me that I’m an Inspirational…well don’t know from where does that come from,but thank you!!
I would like to thank many many people,I don’t remember all the names but I’ll try and the once i’ve forgeten,I’m so sorry!
Khadooj,Cathy,Eman,ImanW,Hibiz,Badr,Dojanah,Anni,Wafa,Nafisa,Hanah,Aicha,Noush,Maryam,Rehma..and all!
Well many of those people say good things about me,and I really appreciate it!
But I’m like whenever someone says about me something good,I don’t believe it or I don’t want to believe it,because I don’t want to feel superior or arrogant,being humble is just a bless,I try to stick to it.

 what things I’ve achieved last year….
Well my 18th year of life…was Alhamdolilah good not great according to my standards which are: 1-Religion    2-Education    3-Personality.
I can tell in the religion or faith aspect,I was little bit behind I had something in my mind,because I couldn’t even started it…!
In the education aspect Alhamdolilah it was one of the best,I got 95,5% in my last year of school…and that was really AWESOME!!
Personalty,I still have problems with the confidence thing,and I’m still depending on my parents a lot but I’m more open mind,more creative or at least that what I think…
Things I hope to achieve in the age of 19!
I really want to achieve something really big,it takes a big part of thoughts,I won’t say what is it,I all can say it’s about Islam.
I want to improve my English,and I just hope to learn a new language.
And I just hope in the same day,next year In sha Allah,I’ll be half way to the 1st aim and the rest I just I’ll be done with them.And I want to read more,I guess I’m not cultured enough.
That’s almost everything…if you read the whole thing,then you are a true HERO!! 😀
p.s Lalla mona I heart u more,I love ur vids…and I’m still waiting 🙂 xxx


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    i think u achieved alot of things last year.
    I have known u now for 2 yrs…so i know!!!
    u have matured alot!! even though i havent really matured ….u have changed in many great ways.
    i know u care alot about your religion. what u do, and if its correct or not. Thats something to be proud about.
    and im proud of you 🙂

  2. Linzooo..awww im so happy for u..im glad that u have achieved alot of things GREAT things actually..ur a great person and im blessed 2 kno u :)..hope everything u dream of come true inshAllah
    keep Shinning my Star
    Luv Ya xxxx

  3. heyy linz happy birthday again hunn
    i’m so glad that we r friends(thanks to soha xx)and in sha’ allah u r gonna do all the things that u could do when u was 18 🙂
    may allah bless ur whole life and make u dreams come ture
    heheh “iman.w” it’s so wierd to see lol thnxx hunn

    luv u xoxoxox

  4. aww Im glad you had a nice day Linz … Im happy now :)) Im still laughing cuz I take my sisters stuff (junk really!) on my b-day too haha! I still have her miniature pencil. its really tiny !!

    anywayy, Linzo I love your priorities 🙂 I think you really have things right and if you stay with them, theres no telling how far you’ll go, Inshallah. Never stop dreaming cuz from just knowing you one year, I can see you are made for great things! You truly are inspirational to me and to many others out there :)) May Allah bless you always sis !!

    mmm I want some pizza now! hehe
    lots of love to ya linzooo ❤

  5. كل سنة وانت سالمة يا لينا، شلون كانت البيتزا، أنا بحب بيتزا والدتي، بتعملها أطيب من السوق بكتير، وخصوصاً حصتي، بتكون مدعومة دعم نظامي.

  6. احنا بنجيبها جاهزة من ممحل اسمو الطابون هوا أحسن بيتزا في غزة….هاى صورة البيتزا من قبل ما حتى أمد ايدي…

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