Salamz all,

Well today I went to my brother’s house for a visit,and it was all cool Alhamdolilah.When we left to go home I took a video of El Remal market.It’s the classy market as we have not reached the “Mall” phrase maybe in 2020 Allah knows better….
Actaully El Remal market represents me more than just a market as I go there like every week and buy everything I want from there.The coolest ice cream places are there and supermarket and clothes stores are all there….
This lil shopping tour starts from “Palestine bank” where you are going to see employees crowded,they see if their salary is being payed or not,and the tour ends at “Basal” the most famous shoes store in Gaza…(the most expensive whos going to pay 100$ for pair of shoe??)
That’s it for today,Salamz


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  1. Awww I love the tour n the song 😀 ya salaam kolshi tamam mafe massariii hehe Im lovin it !!
    Thx sista 4 sharin !!..Keep doin that 😉

    Stay blessed

  2. firstly, I ❤ the song ! its funnn. Kinda reminds me of something japanese? hehe

    Secondly, I ❤ gazaaaa !! that place looks so nice !! when can I come?

    Lastly, I think everyone should make vids of their cities like you 😀 it gives us such a unique and personal look at cities we only hear about in the media. what a great idea linzz! keep sharing!


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