Salamz all,OMG,It’s EID yesterday I mean before a month was Ramadan,I’m already missing it 😥
but anyway we gotta move on.You may now think that I’ll be saying Damn EID sucks!!
NO IT”S NOT Alhamdolilah I love it,I don’t know why but Gaza turns into another G
aza when it’s Eid,maybe what I’m saying coming from knowing that some of the poor of people is spending good time,HOW DO I KNOW?? my dad is the chief of Gaza city Zaka society  they basically distribute and collect money and give it to the people who deserve it.At the night of the 28th of Ramadan me and my mom and dad spent maybe an hour and a half talking about “The poverty in Gaza”,well it widely spread no doubt unemployment is all over,no jobs especially after Hamas taking over Gaza.Gaza is like the following:”nothing comes out…nothing comes in” even in the money thing,Dad told us the last year transferring money was easier.and they could collect the society’s budget but this year there’s shortage.Anyways this year the shops were somehow empty of goods,especially clothes.My cousins wife said :”The sell-man in a store swore me that they were  selling goods were stored since seven YEARSS!!”. But on Thursday me and my friend went to “The Remal market” Gaza’s main market and it’s somehow crowded even it was like 3:30 pm before an hour and half of breaking the fasting :S
Back to the poor despite the shortage of finance my dad told me that they could give a good number of families money to buy new clothes and food.Alhamdolilah!


Back to EID today I woke up at 7 am sure thing I was like YAY Eid and went to the window to view kids in the streets playing but they were coming from the Eid prayer.Especially that Ismial Haniya was leading one in Palestine stadium which is close to us.then we went to a restaurant called “Al Deira” for lunch my mum promised us she would invite us to go out at the 1st day of Eid..my brother and his wife and little Deyala came we had fun Alhamdolilah!! Then we visited our aunt then came back to watch the HIT SHOW,GAZA’S talk!! “Bab el Harra” everybody loves that show in Gaza I like it because we all gather to watch it and talk like Syrians (yeb3atli 7emma ya 7a2!!,mesh ana).I hope you (the people who read this post) is spending good time,Eid is about being happy because you are now clean from sins In SHa Allah that’s the real thing,and in every Eid I remember Iraq and I only say “May Allah help them” 😥
Have fun people,visit your family and try to make this Eid one of your best!!!! 🙂 🙂


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  1. نحن بوكرة العيد، هاها، نحن ومصر وسلطنة عمان، نيقة عن الخليقة، إنو شلون إنتو شفتوا هلال شوال ونحن لأ، هاها، والله يوفق والدك وأعمال المؤسسة الخيرية، وغزة بإذن الله منتصرة، هذا اسمو عقاب جماعي لأنكن اخترتم حماس ، عقاب جماعي إلكن، لأنكن مارستوا الديمقراطية، بس تأكدي إنو طالما سورية عم تدعم حماس، والله لا أمريكا ولا العالم كلو فينو يهد حماس.


    بس بالعربي أحلى، صدقيني أحلى.

  2. Eid Mubarak!! hope you had a great day 🙂
    Today is the Eid day in Morocco! I enjoyed this blessed day meeting family and friends it was amazing Alhamdulillah 🙂

  3. Eid Mubarak, Love to my brothers and sisters in Gaza, and Jazakullah for giving us this post. Showing love from Brooklyn, New York!!!!…

    Inshallah the best to everyone there, We will keep everyone in our dua’s

    Brother Saad, Chill Yo Islam Yo

  4. Lina, may God bless you and your family for helping those in need. you are a shining example for all of us sis 🙂

    Thank you for the video of Gaza! Ive never seen it in this light, its much different from what Ive always imagined, unfortunately. Here we are only told and shown the negative side. but youve given LIFE back to this BEAUTIFUL city 🙂 Gaza better watch out cuz Im going to be sneaking in one of these days lool

    I love your blog btw 🙂


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