Happy Birthday SOHAA!


Salamz all,

This post is out of Gaza.Today is Sohas birthday,she’s one of my best friends,she doesn’t live here Gaza.I got to know her through Outlandish msn group and since then we are best friends though I’ve not seen her face to face but she’s like a sister to me….
Soha lives in Egypt,and another sister  lives in Morocco Eman also got to know her from the Outlandish msn group.Me,Soha and Eman are all in the almost in the same age (though i’m youngest).Eman is 19 and today is Soha and ان شاء الله me in November.Anyways before 2 day ago me and eman were talking in same conversation I asked Soha what did she want for her birthday like gifts??? She said a wish then by the end of the conversation we had a very long list of gifts.Me and Eman came up with an idea that made Soha gifts almost came true in this video…..

We love u,Sooooosooooo 🙂 😀


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  1. مبروك على الجميع، وأظن إني تعرفت على الصبايا بالتشات وفعلاً كانوا جداً لطيفات وحديثهن جداً حلو ومذوق…الله يوفقكن يا رب.

  2. TEGANIN hehehe I Luv It..thank you sooo much my best friends Linz & Eman love u both to bits..
    thnx Khadooj alot 3o3balk ya rab 😀

  3. awwww coooooooooooooooooooooool but can i go with u soso to DK and Morocco heheh..happy birthday hunny u deserve more than this 🙂
    bless u linz and eman ” but why u didnt tell me so i can help..oky..oky allah ysam7ko 😦


  4. This is awesome 😀 i love the video ..it was crazy n funny thing doin it hehe we had fun me n linz ..lookin 4 Soha’s wishes ..SO HAPPY BDAY OUR PRINCESS !

    May u have many more 😉

    n hey Mona the Abaya is awesome whats up? hehe

    Eman xx

  5. once again Im sooo late 😦 can I still wish my sweeeet soso a happy b-day ?? I wish all the happiness in the world for that grl 😀 May Allah fill her heart with more peace, love and happiness than ever. I ❤ U Sohaazzzz

    lolll I love the one way ticket to denmark!! too funny … well looks like shes not comming back then ….

    nice job Linz and Eman :))

    xxx !!

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