1st day of University


Salamz all,

it’s been a long time since the last post,anyways yesterday Saturday was my 1st day of University.The Islamic University in Gaza that’s my universities name,it’s one of the best educational institutions in Palestine.Though my brothers and cousins hate it and they told you’ll hate it to,but I said let’s give myself a chance to love it or hate it.I don’t care that much about the strict rules that the Uni obliges because mainly it’s Islamic and their rules sound reasonable to me.I’m doing English literature temporally till they open section “English Journalism” I love English!I really enjoyed my day yesterday it was fun I’d 3 English courses one of them was “Oral communication skills” that one was really good and I guess it’s my favourite.other courses were good to,the “grammar 1” course teacher is funny and he’s impressive mashaAllah (studied in California UNI and graduated with distinction).The last course I took was “Study skills” the teacher was trained in the US to,she seems nice.The rest of the courses were The history of Palestine and Arabic Library.
Today I had an hour and a half lecture then went home,it was “Studies in Seera” (The life of the Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him).The teacher didn’t leave good impression to me but I’m very interested in the subject itself.
That’s my adventures in the Uni in 2 days.
Take a look on my Uni in the following video:

Some Information about The University:
*It’s not mixed the girls have their own buildings and the boys have theirs, but they are besides.
*Every student in every section has certain number of Islamic subjects, they are from the University requirements (which is sth great) such as “Studies in Al Seera”, 5 parts of Holy Quran in each year you rememorize a part.
*The board of the University and most of the teachers are related to Hamas but there’s not much talks about Politics, but still education shouldn’t be related to any political party.
More pics.
That’s it for today,Salamz!


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  1. Wish you all the luck in your study…
    It’s really a good choice i think to study “english journalism” .. but how about considering “Business Administration in English”? it’s really nice…
    take care and good luck. 🙂

  2. Salamz Nada,
    well I’m terrible at any thing relates to business money plus I hate it…so I’m waiting for the english journalism…. 🙂
    thanks for ur wishes 🙂

  3. i wish u all the best for ur studies!!! i bet it will be the most beautiful years in your life, for me it was 🙂
    It s ALWAYS the same pleasure to see ur videos !!!

  4. That was amazing, I never thought about this uni, I heard that they burned it last year, or they broke it or something, maybe by FATEH.

    Wish u all the luck, and I do really enjoyed reading this.

    ….”It’s not mixed the girls have their own buildings and the boys have theirs, but they are besides.”…

    Well maybe I didn’t like this too much, but hay, that’s why it’s Islamic 😉 .

    Wish all the best.

  5. Well the University was attacked by Fatih I guess in January…but the boy’s section ours you can just see bullets effects.but the boys once was seriuosly damaged,but now everything is good..they almost rebuilt it..
    I’m glad you enjoyed my post…

  6. salam again…

    yeh me too .. I liked it so much… specially the background music … it fits ur “Islamic uni”..

    r u the one shooted it “the video” if so … ur a tall girl then ! lol

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