Smash hit Gazawi Songs


Salamz all,

As Palestinians,especially who live in Gaza know how Hamas and Fatih compete in every thing even in making songs about them.That’s right baby part of the propaganda thing.Kids sing them,teenagers dance on them and adults enjoy them.Now as Hamas rules Gaza people listen to their songs which by the way are really good.As an Islamic party they believe that music is haram to use so they are only percussion but Again they are so exciting talking about:
1-Resistant against Israeli occupation.
2-About Palestine.
3-About their government.
Here a clip of one the most popular songs of Hamas “Hala ya Saqara El Qasam”,”Welcome to the Falcon of El Qasam” sounds stupid I know.This song is about how the Hamas freedom fighters “Al Qasam” are strong and able to get the occupation out of Palestine.

As a Palestinian ashamed of both Hamas and Fatih,I didn’t write this post because I want to promote them or sth it’s just sth IS a fact,it’s not sth I’m proud of but sth you have to talk about if you want to show the truth.
And the smash hit song “Henna Henna Baya’nak ya Abo el Abid” dedicated to the prime minster Esma’eel Haniya” Listen to the song click here.
This song is about one thing SUPPORTING THE PRIME MINSTER.


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  1. I like the song, I actually support Hamas, but I’m against fights between Fatih and Hamas..

    anyway, يقال: ـ
    إذا رضيت عنك أمريكا و إسرائيل فاتهم نفسك
    لذا أنا أتهم محمود عباس, و دحلان وبعض القياديين الفاسدين من فتح بالتواطؤ مع العدو لإسقاط أول حكومة عربية منتخبة بإرادة شعبية عن طريق انتخابات شهد العالم بنزاهتها

  2. I think the song is really catchy! There is one for Hezbullah which is the same but customised for Nasrallah.

    I’m happy to discover your blog. Hang in there guys and just know you aren’t alone. We all think of you and we haven’t forgotten you, for what it’s worth 😦

    Salam 3alaikum from a Syrian friend.

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