Salamz all,

Yesterday me,my cousin,my mom and aunt went to the beach to chill.Like my mom said I was like a tourist having pics and vids and looking stupid in front of everybody but WHO CARES? we live in democratic city.Anyways we went to a small cafeteria called “Al Ghoroub”.It was hot but I had fun!
Some note about the following video:
1-The sea was somehow dark,there was a red substance but people were swimming so I guess it was not dangerous.
2-I’m not a fan of Sherien (Egyptian singer) but while we were in the cafeteria they played the song featured in the stuck to my head so..I added it to the video.
3-The camel/Horses rides are not for free.
4-The turkeys and picocks are in the same cafeteria.
5-The hands and the face popped up suddenly were my cousin.. Love DEE! 😀


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  1. ok 2 be honest, GAZA reminds me of Pakistan.. was that the ZOO or what?? but im scared of chicken & was that SNAKE.. i juzt wish i come 2 GAZA & go out to the beach with u 🙂

    or how abt u come 2 Pakistan & dont worry abt staying.. u r my GUEST :)..

    Thank u for taking Videos for ur Moros.. much appricated..

    Love Noushin aka the Paki Power

  2. salaaaaaaaams sweety
    nice video ……. 😉 keep it up ….. but i loved the first music 🙂

    we’re waiting for the others 😉

  3. maaaaaaan N is so stupid u did mention the word “ZOO” in the title didn’t u? hahahahaaa

    oh I just LOVE these camels hehe they make me feel like home haha

    peace Linzoo mwah

  4. it s cool video,
    it s totally new for me , thx you….camels on the beach and this song, i never heard it, it s nice.animals in the cafetaria it s good idea!!!!!!! except the snake :s , hehehehe
    thx a lot…


  5. loved your video. please post as much as you can, we’ve been waiting for these kinds of video. gaza is were i am from and it’s where i grew up. god i miss that place

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