The way home



 I recorded this video while I was going home,I was out in “Hamas’s honoring Festival” dedicated to the students who got high grade in Tawjihi,they organize such celebration every year.I went and I wish that I didn’t go It was terribley organized,boring and very hot.When I entered the taxi I decided to take this video…I added a song and a comment 😀 Enjoy!


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  1. salaamz linz

    jazaki Allahu khair for putting this video … i think people might remember to do something to help the people over there … at least with a du’aa

    thaaaaaaaanks again sweet sis xxxxx


  2. great idea linz u did the right thin’ by recordin’ this video and putin’ it here.and like what khadija said ” might people remember to do something to help the people over there,at least with a du’aa”

    thnxx linz and “jazaki allahu kol khair” 🙂

  3. hey linz!! i didn’t leave a comment before, simply becauz i was watching the video , 10000 times lol
    looking forward to see the following posts…



  4. SubhanAllah, thanks so much for sharing. We don’t realize sometimes the kind of luxury we are living in here in the United States. We need reminders from our brothers and sisters from around the world.

  5. Hi Linz. I just discovered your blog and this video. the music you chose gives a very emotional dimension to the images you show, very nice. What is the music?

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