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Man I love bloging,and being a blogger is almost a job.This blog is basically about Gaza my hometown and location of course from my point view,many people from my family and friends would say “what a crazy girl” to dedicate a complete blog about Gaza,but I’ve been living in Gaza since 1995 so it’s my home..I don’t have memories in the places I lived in before (Kuwait and Bolivia) so with all the ugliness,desperation and frustration Gaza causes..I still love it.In this blog I’m going to show you the real life in Gaza regardless the politcal sitaution though it will be so hard to ignore…so stay tuned!!


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  1. Beautiful idea my dear! “360 km2 of Chaos” — great title hehe 🙂
    Take your time and write something nice — we all know you’re good in that :):)

  2. salaams linza …

    cool blog … we all love Ghaza too … and i told u before keep doin it … we want to know what’s happening for real up there 😉 …

    and sorry for being late i was totally busy with my mama 😉

    take care

  3. Masha’Allah lina you have an eye for thought provoking ways to tell a story seriously aljazeera needs ppl like u!!!I cant wait for the next one


  4. Salamz Linzooo!!
    Awww that’s so cool! Man Lina we need more people like u! I guess it’s gonna be interesting [ur blog I mean] coz as much as I love Falesteen I don’t know much about it…


    tc hun n keep it blessed xxx

  5. hey!.. Salaaam!
    just say ur post on myspace, so thought i should check out ur blog!.. its a gr8 thing ur doing! We really want to know about Gaza! aside from all those controlled media crap! Keep it Up!. Girl!

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