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“To shoot an elephant” too real but it IS true…


Salamz all,

It was the mere chance that led me to discover this documentary. I read an interview, published on the American based site Electronic Intifada, with the journalist/director, Alberto Arce, who was in Gaza during the war.
Since the moment I have finished reading interview. I searched for more information about the documentary.
After couple of weeks, I was able to download the documentary, and I was planning to watch it on the 18th of January to be part of the global screening, but I got busy with exams. So I saw it before that date.

The two hour documentary starts from the 25th of December when the siege was tighter more than anytime before. The UN announced that its depots were closed, and they couldn’t continue their missions in Gaze due to the siege.  Moreover, there was a severe shortage of flour that made Gazans wait for hours in queues in front of bakeries to get their share of bread.
Then, it moves the viewer to the horrors of the war.

As I did live the war on Gaza, my recollection of it is related to what I heard not what I saw.
Watching “to shoot an elephant” was more of seeing what I heard.

The documentary was hard to watch, because it was very real, very raw and very silent. There were many scenes when I just burst in tears, others when I was horrified, and others when I was very angry.
Alberto Arce calls the documentary “an eyewitness” and it is pretty much so, because the editing didn’t include any narration, music, or anything.

The importance of this documentary lies in how it exposes the atrocities occurred. The accusations of being biased would be refuted by the every scene in the film. Whether it is the account of paramedics who were shot to evacuate a body or the burning white phosphorus in a house of a civilian, all these and more just confirm that war crimes were committed not just during the war even before and after.

What still impresses me, though, is that the internationals who were in Gaza were given the chance to leave, but they preferred to risk their necks to show the truth when Israel was denying access to any international journalist.  It is indeed inspiring and promising to see such models of non-Palestinians who use their own freedom to stand up by us in way that put their lives at stake.

I recommend each one to watch this documentary. It gives you a deep insight of the war on Gaza and its horrors.

More information:

Global Screening :

Watch online:

On Youtube:

I am 21 :D


Salamz all,

Today,I am 21. Many of my friends asked me “How does it feel to be 21?” my answer is….”feels like 21!”
The thing that makes me like my birthday is the wall posts on Facebook, the late night smses and more important the gifts (so far haven’t received many:D).
But once you are in your twenties, you start to realize your goals and try your best to take concrete steps to achieve them and this can be sometimes so good and sometimes so bad.
Last year maybe was the most significant year in my life. I didn’t do much, but I changed a lot. The war on Gaza was the turning point; I have always loved my country, but I have never felt the urge to do something for it till the war took place. The whole bitter experience gave the famous quotation by Malcolm X “if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything” a more powerful meaning. After the war, I decided that the time I have on earth I should be spending it wisely to achieve my goals, and I found that the best thing to do is reading.
The fact that I also aspire to be a journalist makes me do lots of reading.  I have an ardor to learn more and more about the world. Maybe it is because I live in a much locked up place, I need to feel a sense of freedom given by learning.
One of the best things happened to me last year is the new people I came to know from many parts of the world. My friends (whether from Gaza or out), have an enormous impact on my life. Some inspire me; others encourage me or just make me laugh!
However, last year too, I got very disappointed many times. Sometimes things around you make you feel like “screw everything, I am giving up”. Yet, something or someone comes to save the day, alhamdolilah!
I really hope thing year will also be special, and I meet more positive and successful people,because they motivate me a lot.
I also hope that my artworks, poetry and blog posts will get better and better, in sha Allah!
Finally, I would love to thank Allah (swt), my family ,and friends for their love and support. God bless you all!

Ramadan Kareem from Gaza!


Salamz all,
Today is the first day of Ramadan to most of Muslims around the world. I would love to say Ramadan Kareem!
May Allah (swt) bring us together all to change this world to the better. In this holy month, don’t forget to pray for your beleaguer brothers and sisters in Gaza ;they need your prayers more than ever. In fact, pray for all the Muslims. The other day, I wrote on my Facebook status that I pray for the “world peace” instead of Palestine only. Well, I meant, pray for all our brothers and sister in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia,Chechnya,China and in every place oppression is treading the will of the people to be free.
All the way from Gaza, Ramadan Kareem. Peace, love and respect! A very special thanks to Ahmed S3D for the blog’s new banner!!
I designed some artworks for the occasion of Ramadan!

And stay tuned for more posts…In sha Allah. :-)

Save a prayer to the world (new poem)


Salamz all,

Well this poem means so much to me, because I wrote it based on very genuine feelings. Usually, I write poem based on music tones and empathy of others experiences. However, this time it was totally different. My own experience and my friends’ were the impetus of my poem.
For me, I watched a report about a 2 year Gazan boy who died yesterday, because his procedure to fix the holes he had in his heart was delayed.Due to the siege imposed on Gaza since June the 14th 2007.
I really really want you to watch it:

After I had watched this video, I got depressed for the rest of the day. Plus, two of my friends in Kuwait and Egypt were having difficulties in their lives.
Before I went to bed, I had some few lines and were coming deeply from my heart. Here’s the outcome:

Dreams imprisoned in minds
eyes blinded by sight
darkness obscures the light
time flies by
where are you from all this?
How do you fight a world that complex?
It’s said
life is easy with eyes closed
You can’t just live for you own
You can save a prayer to the world.

Children hurt
innocence is burnt
misery, wars
where am I from all this?
sleeping to run away?
ashamed to admit
I can’t do anything
For a moment I did forget
that I should not live for my own
And I can save a prayer to the world.

Let’s raise our hands to the sky
pray for a world we wanna live in
trust The Creator from within
the world will be saved by then

Finally, today Palestinians all over the world are commemorating the 61st anniversary of Al Nakba or catastrophe. Again Never forget, Never forgive.

Sound of a rebel-Outlandish’s new album-why you should get a copy?!


Salamz all,

I’m a huge fan of the band Outlandish. I’ve been one since 2005. And I think people who know me in person and those who check my blog already know how much I love this band.
Anyhow, after 4 years the Outlandmoros are back with a brand new album. The moros around the world already have enjoyed “Rock all day” as a 1st single.And OL’s followers on Facebook, may have read that a music video of the song is in the make. 

“Sound of a rebel”, which is topping the Itunes sells in Denmark, is definitely an album you want to buy.

I, personally, have the album illegally, but I live in Gaza, so I think I’ve no option. Bas, In sha Allah, I’ll try someway, somehow to purchase a copy.I may not get it soon, but I’ll try!!

Anyhow, here’s a little review of what I think about the tracks:
1-“Rock all day”-Outlandish sampled a very well known song called “AbedlKader” by the algerian trio ChebFudil and Rashid Taha, the song was released in late 90s ,and it was a huge hit in the middle east andKhalid, other parts of the world. Outlandish added some rock which makes the song really rocking! An excellent summer song!

2-“Feels like saving the world” A very beautiful song. Very catchy beats and nice lyrics (even I’m still waiting for OL to get us the lyrics)

3-“Levanta” Latin beats, a very different style of music. However, I consider one of the best songs in the album.
4-“Keep the record on play”this song is cool and not cool in the same time. How?!! well Arab listeners will the think they turned the wrong record!! at the very beginning of the verse, the song starts with an arabic song called “Tetraga fiya” by Egyptian singer Ihab Tawfiq, released i think in early 2000. The thing with this song is that the song itself is really good! Very upbeat! However, “Tetraga fiya” is a whole different theme.It mainly talks about someone whose loved person is begging him/her and cry over him/her to go back together but he refuses because he will never forgive her. I know!! LOL! So I don’t know if OL know about it or not. Someday somebody ask them for me :D

5-“Always remember” has the theme of Sakeena. Personal to the guys but many people can relate to it. It talks about their wives and how they miss them when they are away. SO SO SO SO SWEET!! Def! one of my favorite song.

6-“The emperor’s new beat” honestly, I think I will wait till i read its lyrics. Right now, it’s not my type of songs.

7-“Let off some steam” this song is so remarkable for two reasons. 1st Waqas sings the verse and it’s sooooooooooo awesome!! 2nd- it’s very latin!! Very Lenny!! Very coooool! You feel so relaxed when you listen to it!
So much like you just want a sun glasses and an orange t-shirt and sea!! That would complete the theme!

8-“Amen” I think the lyrics is good, but I’m not a fan of the type of music used in the song.

9-“Someday” is my favorite song in this album. Deep, emotional and has the most expressive chorus ever!!! It’s officially in my top 10 all time songs by Outlandish. 

10-“Crash n Burn” Outlandish slam their critics with very powerful lyrics. I think the music is little bit Asian.It’s a nice song, will be better when the whole lyrics is out.

11-“Dale duro” LOOOL! well you 1st listen to this song you will say “it’s noise!” and to me it’s noise! but cool noise!! I like some parts of it. Eventually, you can say it’s cooool!!!

12-“Sound of a rebel” won’t be saying too much! It’s a very very beautiful song! One of favorite songs in the album.

Finally, Outlandish do it again! An album that you will listen and enjoy. And it’s so addictive!! for real! I almost listen to it everyday!!!

My own unofficial promotional picture for OL's concert in RamAllah!

My own unofficial promotional picture for OL's concert in RamAllah!

Remember moros in the West Bank, Outlandish will be in RamAllah on July the 1st!!

Outlandish in Palestine!!!!!!!! But…


Salamz all,

I think after many posts, now you should know how much I respect and love the band Outlandish.
Good news for the moros in the West Bank, Outlandish will be rocking you all day! On July the 1st in sha Allah in RamAllah. For further details check the official site of the band.
I’ve made this little video to share with you why I can’t go and how this little thing is addressing a bigger issue which is the OCCUPATION!

I think I’ve said all what I wanted to in that clip :'(

In sha Allah kheir!

You know what makes me feel good? ROCK ALL DAY BY OUTLANDISH


Salamz all,

It’s awesome when you wake up and find the new song by Outlandish is sent to you (THANK U, you know urself).
The moro ,who sent me the song, was generous enough to share it as a video with all the cool moros out there.
And as I am an authentic moro…I should add some Outlandish to my blog.
Still, You can “watch” the full song…and then buy the track from Itunes.
!REMEMBER! Illegal download is only legitimate to those who can’t buy stuff online for political or geographical reasons.

Outlandish-New single!!!!!



Everybody knows me, knows how much I love the Danish band Outlandish.
The 3 guys (Waqas,Isam and Lenny) make up a wonderful blend of music and inspirational lyrics . Good news to the moros world wide. Outlandish do it again!
BMG ,the record company of our moros, released a demo of the very anticipated album, which is expected to be out in May 2009.
Till then…I leave you with demo

AlJazeera’s English, Focus on Gaza


Salamz all,

I would like to share with you, a very amazing program AlJazeera English is dedicating to investigate the different aspects of life here in Gaza after the war.

First episode is about the village of Khoza’a in Khan Yonous. The report by Ayman Mohye EL Deen sheds a light about Israel committing war crimes. Click here to watch
The program is weekly aired, and it has reached its third episode. To watch the other two episodes click here. The program broadcats from Doha by Imran Garda.

At 2:30 GMT every Friday

At 2:30 GMT every Friday

Living in Gaza for dummies



I’ve found a note ; I wrote it in August 2008. I thought, I should share my experience of living in Gaza since 1995.

Personal views for those who can’t deal with living in Gaza.

1-Have faith. Whatever happens you should have a strong believe that this is my destiny and living in Gaza is a bless. Because you’ll be rewarded in the next life for your patience and as we know earthy life sucks.

2-Compare yourself to others. I do that all the time. In the time I’m having a loving family and a comfortable house and many other things Alhamdolilah. Other people maybe living next door don’t have anything. So before you even utter “I hate my life” think about these people who don’t have anything.I’m sure you’ll shut up and say “Alhamdolilah”

3-Get used to “it”. Bombings, F16 above you head and air strikes…etc . The only thing that’s scary about these actions is the people who get hurt. Anything else is just a live action. So much like a live Rambo movie or james Bond. And that’s soo cool.

4-Open you mind. You should open up to the world, know something about everything. And have friends from all over the globe. Defend your country by you mind, education and strength.

5-Don’t have high expectations, yet, you should never give up. You should have ambitions, plans and dreams. Maybe you’ll be able to achieve just 1% of them. The thing is don’t miss the fun in trying to make them real.

6-In bad days, listen to and sing along with “given up” by LP. It will help to release all the stress and the voice you have.

These are personal views I came to realize them by experience. Some may agree others disagree.